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Flávia Godoy is an animator from Brazil, worked with animation since 2013 and have experience in animated film projects, animation for documentaries, animation for scientific dissemination and commissioned films.

Starting with the “Núcleo de Cinema de Animação de Campinas”

with the feature film "Café, um dedo de prosa”, by director Maurício Squarisi.

She participated in several projects at Estúdio Sinlogo Animation, most notably the short film “Way of Giants”, which premiered at the Annecy animation film festival.

Also animated in the documentary "Carne" directed by Camila Kater, which received more than 95 awards worldwide, and was qualified for the 2021 Oscar®, Goya and EFA Academy Awards.


Other featured productions she participated are the short films

“Lulina e a lua” directed by Marcus Vasconcelos, “Maréu” directed by Nicole Schlegel ,“Someone you Know” directed by Asha Dahya and “Earth-human connections” directed by Kátia Jasbinschek Pinheiro, also commissioned films by TED ED ,TED Series and TED talks. 


Flávia is currently directing her personal project “Traça_Online”

a Web series to talk about literary experiences and bring more people into the world of books.

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